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See Article About The Tree Houses in the Three Rivers Newspaper. Thanks to Charlotte Mittler and Family for their leadership and contributions!

The camp staff needs your help! Attached is the history of all of the buildings at camp. Some explanations have correct or in need of additional information. Can you help? Send your corrections or additions to Chris Sallow's please.

See Listing here!

Camp Reunion Huge Success and Boy Was It Fun!

2017 Camp Eberhart Alumni Association Reunion:

The reunion was, again, a great success with approximately 30 alumni present from the age of 17 year to……..  Golf was played, work was completed and fun was had by all. One of the best memories, in my mind, was watching a group of alumni (no names) playing human fuse ball. What a sight!!

 Our annual meeting was held and your current board was retained. We have two new members, Liz Simeri and Jean Magrane, welcome. Updates on the YMCA, Camp Eberhart, and the capital campaign were presented to the group at Chapel.

 Thanks-you to all who came out. I would like to continue to grow this event and importantly grow it with our younger membership!




Here are the final results:

* Total contributors = 88
* Total amount donated = $23,506.00
* Total Match by the Foundation = $14,668.00
* Amount put into the CEAA's Community Foundations Account = $20,538.00
* Amount being sent to your Alumni Association = $17,630.00

Your Alumni Assoc. now has in excess of $100,000 in the Community Foundation!

The Alumni Association wishes to THANK Chris Sallows for doing such a fantastic job in his first fundraising effort. Our new President is on route to making the Alumni Association better, stronger and more efficient. Thanks to Chris for his great leadership.

The Alumni Association would also like to thank the Joe Campbell Family for getting this "Give Local" campaign off the ground with their matching gift of $5,000.00. Thanks to the entire Campbell family for their past, present and their future support of Camp EB.

Were you at Girls Camp in 1952?

A Great Gift for Someone that has Everything!

The Benches Are Back!

New Benches for sale by the Alumni Association - two new ones right in front of Klinger Hall in the Elsa Cooper Gardens.......

Are you interested in making a small contribution to name these benches in the names of Elsa and George Cooper's daughters? Pat Meyer and Charlotte Callen? Send your contribution to 316 S. Eddy St., South Bend, IN 46617 (Camp Eberhart Alumni Association) and put that you wish it to go to the Cooper Bench project.

Your Alumni Association is back in the Bench business. We have purchased six of these benches to be placed at the Chapel and 2 benches placed in the Cooper Gardens (outside Klinger Hal). They will be in the color of red, to match the existing chapel benches. Two have been sold already, but there is time for you to purchase one and dedicate it with a plaque. These are really good benches that will last for many years. Purchase yours today. Cost will be $975.00. If you are interested in purchasing one, send a request to or call 574-234-0069. We can have your bench ready for next years chapel season.

See Bricks below - which also makes a great holiday gift!

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See how your contributions have made a difference in the camp!

2017 - What is your Alumni Association doing for Camp EB

** With the addition of Rob LaRoy joining the Camp Family and moving into Witwer House - your Alumni Association has donated the funds necessary to upgrade the kitchen - $7,212.00.

** Program Supplies Added - Archery Equipment - $2,284.80

How Summer Camp Went From Urban Escape to Rich-Kid Refuge!

Your EB Alumni Camp Store is Right Here!


The only place to buy your EB gear online, and year-round!



Brick Sales Are Booming - do you have your brick yet? See Listing!

Looking for a Birthday, Anniversary, Holiday or just a Great Gift - How about purchasing something on our  Alumni BRICK WALKWAY?

Honor your camper with his/her name and the year they attended! 


Camp Eberhart's Alumni Walkway lies outside Klinger Hall. It has some wonderful memories and names that will make you smile. Is your name, family or saying been ordered yet? If not, now's the time to do it. Good way to honor or memorialize a friend or family member.
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George Cooper Staff Awards

George Cooper Staff Awards for 2016

Cole Davis Award - Penny Baker

Judge Robert A. Grant Award - Fabio Sgarro

Frank Cheley Award - Brenna Bergquist

Dennis Stark Award - Jaime Monedero

Kal Waxman Award - Nick Rolt

George Cooper Award - Cole Boulette

Elsa Cooper Award - Rocio Monedero

Harris Eberhart Award - Mary Martin


 See the Alumni - GEORGE COOPER AWARD WINNERS, in recognition of outstanding service or dedication to Camp EB and Community Meritorious Life Saving Service. 

Join the Camp Eberhart Alumni Association for 2017!

The List (2017) has been started - is your name here?

Days Until
Alumni Reunion Camp I: 2018

Reunion Camp II: Labor Day Camp - Sept. 2-4, 2017

2018 Reunion Camp I:
Friday June 1st - through
Sunday, June 3rd!

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See Obituary of two past Camp Directors:

Bob Kinney and . Serle Deaver


Life on the shores of Corey Lake near Three Rivers, Michigan, comes alive in this classic story about YMCA Camp Eberhart. Frank Cheley, known as “the chief,” writes about the early days as only a great storyteller could. Read what it was like to be a camper and counselor during Eberhart’s first few seasons.

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1910 - This is an article that was transcribed into a document telling the story of the establishment of YMCA Camp Eberhart!

Staff 1978, verified by Cole Davis. How many people can you name?

Have you ever seen the Camp Eberhart Brochure for the Camp's first year, July 1st-29th, 1909

Front / Back  as .tif file

Front / Back  as .gif file

Corey Lake Island in 1909 - same year that Camp Eberhart was started. This is what you saw when you were standing on Tent Street!

Tom Vance's exciting version of: The Making of a Camp - The Story of Camp Eberhart 1909 - 1919.

Astro-Camp Success

Another successful year for Astro-Camp. Were you a participant? If not - next year for sure! Watch the camp web site for dates. Now see some of the fun and education they campers experienced: AstroCamp: Home


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