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Learn more about Camp Eberhart's history by reading Tom Vance's
The Making of a Camp
Tom is a South Bend native and former Eberhart camper and counselor and a current member of the Eberhart Regional Board.

The Cheley family has given us permission to publish The Three Rivers Kids online. We hope you enjoy this unique opportunity to  experience camp from Frank Cheley's unique perspective.

Read the original version by Tom Vance of: "Life of George A. Cooper"

Camp Eberhart enjoys a rich and lively history full of tradition and folklore. Harris Eberhart's dream has grown into one of the most progressive and enriching environmental education centers in the nation. 

 It's not surprising.  While always holding some traditions dear, Camp Eberhart has consistently been a leader in the industry and remains so to this day. The first YMCA camp in the country to offer a summer camping program for young women, Camp Eberhart went fully co-educational in the 1970's.  Today, the camp serves both children and adults year-round.

Though times and ways have changed, the goal is the same as it was at the turn of the provide amazing opportunities to learn and grow and we are proud that many thousands of children have passed through our gates to enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

Life on the shores of Corey Lake near Three Rivers, Michigan, comes alive in this classic story about YMCA Camp Eberhart. Frank Cheley, known as “the chief,” writes about the early days as only a great storyteller could. Read what it was like to be a camper and counselor during Eberhart’s first few seasons.

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Do you know your Camp Eberhart Camp Directors?
1909 - Barnett B. Brady (in charge)
1910-15 -  Frank Cheley, (1st Official Director)
1916 -  P. Walter Kamaiopili
1917-18 - J. Russel Jontz
1919 - P. Walter Kamaiopili
1920-22 - W.A. Kaufmann
1923 - C. W. Gamble
1924 - Perry D. Pointer
1925-1965 - George A. Cooper
1965-66 - Jim Smith
1967-71 - Lyman Curtis
1972-73 - L. Serle Deaver
1974-77 Robert Kinney
1977 - Kal Waxman
1978-83 Cole Davis
1983 (April)-87 (July) - Rob Habicht
1987-92 - Marc Miller (1992 - Jill Hancoock (Miller))
1992-2013- Brice Emanuel

2013-14- Bob Kolbe (interim)
2015-16 - Lincoln McLain
2017 to Present Katia Martin



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