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Bits and Pieces of History.....

Tom Vance's History Lesson

  The 1923 Doodlebug Review

Past Issues:

The Cuckoo Nooz: Memories of Girls Camp, 1936

"The 10th Season"

1919 Brochure

1945 Movie on YouTube - from Kathy Ricci Riddoughs nephew Ryan. - 1945 Camp Movie

100 years of EB CULTURE:

EB Poetry! Please read some of the works inspired by Camp EB and written by Campers, Staff and Alumni.

EB Stories!
Stories about the impact of Camp EB on the lives of our alumni. Now with the "Life of George A. Cooper" by Tom Vance.

EB Photos! See pictures from the past 100 summers.

EB Videos!
TV spots, video brochures, and movies about Camp Eberhart made by our Alumni.

EB Songs! See the lyrics to all your favorite camp songs.

Girls Camp History!

Dian Moore - Camp Historian, is trying to put the history together. Starting in 1913, Dian tried to list it's leaders. Can you help fill in some of the blank?

What Was Camp Like in 1936 - See the Camp Brochure given to Camp by the Parshall Family!

A Poem by a dedicated Women's Canadian Camp Director 1889-1973

To An Old Camper written by Mary S. Edger submitted by Margo Janiak


Blue Heron Additions!
These are huge files and may take a 5 minutes to load. But worth the wait!

Thanks to Anne James of New Carlisle for sending the following pictures from 1939: top picture is Staff, next is the Mess Hall - notice the Totem Poles, and the 3rd picture is girls camp. Thanks Anne for sharing:

Does anyone know any of these people in the picture? If so, e-mail me please!

1978 Staff Listing

1978 Employment Handbook

1979 Quarterly Newsletter